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Winter fun in Cape Breton - Skiing - Snow Shoeing - Cross country skiing

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Our Backyard - Our Playground

Yours to explore and Yours to enjoy

This winter why not come and enjoy what mother nature gives to us in amazing amounts...Snow and lots of fun. The perfect winter weekend getaway.

Come ski Cape Smokey only a 55 minute drive from our hostel or go cross country skiing, snow shoeing at the North highlands Nordic Ski trail only 15 minute hike from our hostel.

Apres Ski

Your  Accommodations

After a days skiing and having the best fun of your life,come back to the Highlands Hostel and snuggle up to our warm fire,enjoy a hot chocolate and dream about the next days fun.

Enjoy some music, play some board games, good company, and plan your next days adventures.

Cape Breton Music

Born & Raised Cape Breton Fiddler Shawn W MacKinnon stopped for a couple jigs at the Highlands Hostel on a stormy island Saturday night!!! Thanks Shawn!!! COME VISIT!!!

Snowshoeing in the Highlands

Were are next door to the North Highlands Nordic trails, your fun begins at our back yard.

The North Highlands Nordic club has 11 km of groomed trails, they have snowshoes and cross country skis available for you to use should you need them.

Should you want to go ice fishing then, hike down to the North Harbour and catch your dinner.

After an enjoyable time at the Nordic trails, hike back to the Church for a roaring fire and hot apple cider to warm you up.

Cape North Weather

This is a magical time of the year for us here in Cape North, people ask us what is there to do there in the winter?.

Spend a weekend with us and we can fill your phone with spots to see and maybe, just maybe you will have time to see them all, if not you know where we are for your next visit.

Make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for our winter wonderland weather.

All Trails listed below (side bars) are within one (1) hours drive from The Highlands Hostel, so all the more reason to make us your one stop resting place for your Highlands adventures. Start the adventure now by calling 1-833-381-6553 to book your spot

let it snow, let it snow,let it snow

This is just the start of our winter December 18th 2018 North Mountain, they figure the drifts are over 12 feet

Highlands hostel winter activities

Your winter wonderland weekend getaway

Here’s what Tineke wrote

“Great place to stay! We felt very welcome and with the other guests we had a good time! Because of the storm no electricity for a few hours but right away cosy oil lamps everywhere. What a romantic evening!”

Ski cape breton
Ski Cape breton

Come ski Cape Breton

Cape Smokey

‘We’re just waiting on snow’

45 Minutes from Highlands Hostel

38696 Cabot Trail

Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia

Call (902) 285-2760


North Highlands Nordic Ski Club

North Highlands Nordic in Cape North has the finest cross country ski trails in the province. There are 11 km of groomed and track set trails.

Our Highlands Hostel is only 15 minutes hike, (2 minutes drive) snowshoeing through the bush from our back door to the start of 11 km of groomed trails, or if you feel up to it go off trail for some real exercise.

Web site: North Highlands Nordic

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    (902) 383-2479

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    29481 Cabot Trail, Cape North, Nova Scotia

The North Highlands Nordic Ski Club (NHN) was founded in 1977 by a small group of enthusiastic cross country skiers, who shared a love of winter and of the splendid scenery in the Northeast Highlands Area of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. From humble beginnings of skiing on ungroomed trails, the club has developed a very high-class facility and trail system in the village of Cape North.

NHN and operates out of a heated waxing/warmup/ski rental room in the Cape North Community Centre. A trail network consists of 12 kms of mechanically-groomed and tilled track by a Pisten Bully grooming tractor, and offers panoramic views of some of Atlantic Canada’s best scenery.

The club is proud to have hosted any number of major national and regional ski races including the 1987 Canada Winter Games, 1989 Canadian Junior Nationals, and the 1986, 1987, 1994 and 1998 Atlantic Championships and numerous Loppets and Provincial Championships.