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Bucket list of things to do while on Cape Breton Island

Things to See & Do in Cape Breton

Not just another pretty place. Here, you’ll find a lifetime of adventure packed on our 175-kilometre-long Island. Iconic topography gives way to a living history, where each cove and inlet reveals welcoming communities, distinct cultures, stunning wilderness, and more of the story. Here is a link to guide you through all these wonderful places

  • Swimming, we have many beaches close to the hostel. Explore, swim and just relax.
  • Why not bring your mountain bike/road bike and explore the highlands.
  • Social media photo adventures

Hidden gems

Don't forget to ask us about some wonderful hidden gems.

Other useful links

Also check out "Destination Cape Breton" site.

One of our many beaches,waiting to be explored.


Did we mention the hikes close bye, this is Tenerife and you can see the reward

Bring your bike, we have storage for your bikes and enjoy the trail

Don't worry if you don't have a bike and want to Kayak but don't have room to bring one, we have a local business about 10 minutes from the hostel that rents bikes and kayaks.

Cabot Trail Adventures

Email: cabottrailadventures@gmail.com

Still looking for more: Climb up to the hostel bell tower and enjoy a 360 degree view of the highlands and coast while relaxing in one of our hammocks.

Driving the Cabot Trail

The most asked question. Should I drive clockwise or counter clockwise around the trail?


“We wound up doing the trail clockwise the 1st day and counter clock wise the next. As for the debate, clockwise or counter clock wise? You can’t go wrong with either way. But, by doing it in both directions you see an entirely different view.”

Counter clockwise is certainly less traveled , and likely you would not encounter buses and RV's near as much.

Cabot Trail length: 185 miles - 298 KM
If you travel in a clockwise direction, you'll be on the "inside" lane as you drive along both coasts. Because the road goes up and down steep grades and curves, the clockwise direction is better for drivers (and passengers) who dislike driving next to steep drops. Many of the turnoffs into Cape Breton Highlands National Park are right turns if you are traveling clockwise. Driving counter-clockwise may give you a better view of some of the more spectacular ocean vistas along the way. While this direction is less popular (it's billed as the direction for the brave driver), it may be easier to handle if you dislike slow traffic, as fewer people travel counter-clockwise.