Cruise ships - Sydney Nova Scotia

Cruise ships Sydney Nova Scotia

Explore the Cabot Trail

Cruise ship season starts in May and runs through the summer, Sydney will welcome over 250,000 visitors.unfortunately ships are only in port for a day so tourism is limited to local and or possibly a trip around the Cabot Trail.

We are located at the top of the Cabot Trail so with only one day in port it is highly unlikely you will have an opportunity to visit and stay with us. We can accommodate up to 25 guests, as our tag lines says. If you are traveling around the Cabot Trail, please drop in and say hi and have a tour of our 100 year old converted church, fill up your water bottle and check out our bell tower view.

Book one night and you won't regret it, book 3 or more nights and you won't forget us.

You will however fall in love with Cape Breton and make a promise to return and have more time to explore.

So book mark our website and when you do return book at least 3 nights with us as we have over 36 world class hiking trails and plenty of beautiful beaches for you to relax on.

We hope you enjoy your all be it short stay, but make that promise to yourself that you will return.

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Did we mention we had beaches?

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